Welcome at Van Bergen Search

Van Bergen Search is your No. 1 partner for filling board, executive and senior management vacancies. Van Bergen Search also provides professional help in finding qualified supervisors.

We specialize in executive search queries in the public and private domain: health care, welfare, education, public administration and social and business services.

Our agency assists over 12 organizations across the country. We are appreciated for our professional, conscientious and intensive support during the process. Combined with our extensive personal network of candidates and our profound knowledge of the industry, this is a guarantee for a successful match. Our method often leads to a turning point in a traditional career path and surprising career moves. The agency was founded by Stefan van Bergen.

Van Bergen Search is affiliated with Nexcis, Partners in Search. Nexcis is a collaboration of three specialized executive search firms in the public and private domain. The collaborating agencies share their ideas on how to practice the profession of executive search. While each agency maintains its own identity, we work with similar values and standards, that are directly associated with quality of service and ensure confidentiality for both client and candidate. As a result of this form of cooperation, we are able to offer clients and candidates access to different market areas and are better equipped to make new and different connections.

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